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ZeroWater Replacement Water Filter(s)

5 Stage Ion Exchange Filter Packs

ZeroWater water Pitchers (8 or 10 Cup)

Choose from 8 Cup or 10 Cup Water Pitchers

ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Dispenser

23 Cup Dispenser with Free TDS Meter Enjoy pure tasting water with the latest filter pitcher technology. Zero Water filtration system combines 5 sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all the dissolved solids from your tap water. This 23 cup dispenser comes with one 5 Stage Ion Exchange Filter and a laboratory grade water testing meter.

Blue Tumbler With Ion Exchange Filter

ZeroWater ZT-026 Portable Water Filtration Tumbler, 26-Ounce. Container Capacity 26 oz., Color change filter indicator, 5 stage portable filtration, Click and lock lid with hard plastic straw, Dishwasher safe. BLUE

ZeroWater Water Filter Cartridge

ZeroWater portable filters employ break-through technology that indicates when to change your filter. During regular use you will be able to see a color change through the built-in window. Filter Color Change Next-generation filter technology shows exactly when to replace the filter. Each filter is built with a Color Change window which shows exactly when to replace the filter - for the ZB-030. Blue/White