Sondpex Corp. of America has been a leading maker of the audio electronics, specializing in the audio equipments and accessories for more than a decade. Sondpex does not limit itself only to be the "Audio Maker", continuously seeking and exploring new ventures. Sondpex keeps offering great products with outstanding customer service.


  • Audio electronics manufacturer
  • Great quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Low Prices
  • 90-days manufacturer guarantee


We believe in providing high quality products at an affordable value.  By attracting the best talent in engineering and manufacturing, Sondpex Corp. of America streamlines the manufacturing process in order to provide the highest levels of efficiency to customers, thereby translating their costs into savings.

Sondpex maintains the highest standards in quality control, delivery, and communication.  With a powerful manufacturing capability, Sondpex delivers high quality merchandise with a short turnaround time to ensure that Sondpex products are always available and delivered on schedule.  With a multilingual staff, Sondpex maintains strong communication capabilities with all clients to ensure maximum efficiency.

As one of the largest audio electronics manufacturer specializing in mobile audio electronics, Sondpex has the capability to deliver custom-made products and fulfill any demand of its clients. Sondpex specializes in Car Audio products, such as Car Speaker, Subwoofer, speaker Box, in dash CD/DVD players, Speaker Amplifier, Speaker Wire/Cable and Amplifier Wiring Kit.

In the home, DJ Pro Audio and garden retail industry, Sondpex also specializes in ceiling and in-wall speakers, DJ Pro Speakers, Mixer, Pro Amplifier, outdoor speakers (both wired and wireless) and solar-powered landscape lighting for professional entertainment and indoor-outdoor activity.

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KoolMAX - 40-Quart Cooler, Bluetooth Audio System and Power Station (Blue, Red, Gray, or Orange)

KoolMAX - 40-Quart Cooler, Bluetooth Audio System and Power Station Line: