Ragalta USA was founded in 2009. We pride ourselves in doing business the right way. We believe in forming true partnership with our accounts, and working side-by- side with them to ensure our company’s success, as well as theirs. We are headquartering in Florida, and have offices in Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and four locations in China. We strive to create lasting business relationships with repeat business continuity. To that end, we fully back our products up with a warranty and go to great lengths to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standard.

The products are engineered, prototyped and tested to insure that they perform as needed.

Under our guidance and supervision, starting from the idea to production and then successfully marketing a new product, we’re involved in every step of the process.

Quality, good craftsmanship, and functionality are words that describe our products. Excellence in customer service, fast shipping methods, teamwork, and a good reputation are words that describe our company and our philosophy.

​​“Our mission is to provide products and services that guarantee a superior value to our customers”

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6 Piece Rubberized Weighted Handles Utensil Set

Pure Life 6-piece Utensil Set is ideal for use with nonstick cookware and bakeware; Heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F; The innovative weighted handle and tool rest ensures its head is always elevated off the work surface; Soft grips in assorted colors offer comfortable and stylish use; Hand wash recommended to increase longevity and appearance; Set includes: Soup ladle, Spaghetti spoon, Spatula, Spoon, Slotted spoon, Cake Shovel.

4-piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife set - 3 Handle designs to choose from

The Ragalta Purelife 4-piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife set is an attractive set for any occasion. Includes (4) 4.5" Forged Steak Knives with high-quality Stainless Steel, stain resistant blades. Full tang gives the knives long-lasting durability and sturdiness. Ergonomic handles are designed for hand comfort. Knives are dishwasher safe, but we recommend you hand wash to keep looking new for many years to come.

PURELIFE 7 Piece Non-Stick Multi-Colored Knife Block Set

The Ragalta Purelife Seven-piece Non-Stick Steak Knife Set provides perfect knives for cutting through a thick steak. This set includes six 4" non-stick serrated Steak Knives with assorted colored handles. Non-Stick Stainless Steel serrated blades provide a precise razor-sharp edge and reduce the sticking of food to the knife. This set comes with a unique universal block, with plastic rods that allow you to insert the knives anywhere in the block and protect the blades from becoming dull. These rods are removable from the block for easy cleaning.

PURELIFE 13 Piece Cutlery Set

The Ragalta Purelife Red 13-piece Cutlery Set is a must for any kitchen. This Block Set consists of (1) 8" Chef's Knife (1.0mm), (1) 7-1/2" Bread Knife (1.0mm), (1) 8" Carving Knife (1.0mm), (1) 5-1/2" Boning Knife (0.8mm), (1) 5-1/2" Utility Knife (0.8mm), (1) 3" Paring Knife (0.8mm), (6) Steak Knives (0.8mm). Includes a wooden block for protection of your knives, and also has a unique built-in Knife Sharpener in the block to ensure that you will have a finely sharpened blade every time you cut.

13 Piece Palm Handle Cutlery Set with Sharpener & Rubberwood Block - Red or Black

Pure Life 13-piece Knife Block Set with Red Bakelite Handles and High carbon stainless steel blades, Set includes (1) 8" Chef 2.5mm, (1) 8" Slicer 2.0mm, (1) 7" Santoku 2.0mm, (1) 5" Utility 1.5mm, (1) 3.5" Paring 1.5mm, (6) 4.5" Steak 1.5mm, (1) Shears, and Block with built-in Sharpener.

13 Piece Forged Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

Pure Life 13-piece Forged Cutlery Stainless Steel Knife Set with Black Block; set includes (1) 8" Chef, (1) 7" Santoku, (1) 8" Bread, (1) 5" Utility, (1) 3.5" Paring, (1) 4.5" Steak, (1) Kitchen Shears, (1) Black Block.

PURELIFE 31 Piece Carousel Knife & Kitchen Tool Set

Pure Life Black 31-Piece Carousel Knife & Kitchen Tool Set includes everything needed for food preparation; Dishwasher safe, Hand wash recommended to increase longevity and appearance; High carbon stainless steel blades; Includes tools needed for food prep: Pasta Scoop, Skimmer, Ladle, Slotted Spatula, Spoon, Slotted Spoon, 8 Condiment Jars, Can Opener, Peeler, Ice Cream Scooper, Whisk; Rotating caddy enables you to access tools from all angles; Ergonomically designed handles; Includes (1) 8" Chef, (1) 7" Santoku, (1) 8" Slicer, (1) 5" Utility, (1) 3.5" Paring, (6) 4.5" Steak.

12 Piece Knife Block Set

Pure Life 12-piece Forged Cutlery Block Set with High carbon stainless steel blades and Ergonomic handles includes (1) 8" Chef knife, (1) 7" Santoku knife, (2) 5" Utility knives, (1) 3.5" Paring knife, (4) 5" Steak knives, (1) Sharpener, (1) Shear, and Bamboo Block.

13 Piece Forged Palm Handle Cutlery Set

Pure Life 13-piece Forged Precision Cutlery Block Set with High carbon stainless steel blades and Ergonomic handles includes (1) 8" Chef knife, (1) 7" Santoku knife, (1) 8" Bread knife, (1) 5" Utility knife, (1) 3.5" Paring knife, (6) 5" Forged Steak knives, (1) Meat Fork, and Rubberized Wood block.

Thermo Electric Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Thermo Electric Cold & Hot Water Dispenser, High Efficency anti-electric shock protection, Fits 3-5 gallon bottles of water, LED status indicator, Hot water child safety lock, storage cabinet.