Professional Cable, LLC

Professional Cable is located in Orem Utah.  Professional Cable was founded on this philosophy: “We aim to provide high-quality networking, audio / video cables, IT supplies and datacom products to professionals and consumers that meets or exceeds their expectations.”

Professional Cable is a manufacturer of cables and electronic accessories. Additionally, Professional Cable is a supplier of cables, electronics accessories, adapters, switches, splitters, and wire for the Education, Government, Computer, Audio / Video, Network, Communications, IT, System Administrators, and OEM industries. Professional Cable has three main Foci: (1) OEM & Contract Manufacturing, (2) Retail Electronics & Computer Stores, and (3) Network & A/V Professionals, Installers or Integrators.

With over 18 years experience in the connectivity industry, Professional Cable customers can be found all over the world and all over the United States. Professional Cable has a diverse customer base due to our high-quality cables at competitive prices with a lifetime warranty. Our customer industries range from home theater and network installation companies to manufacturers of medical devices. Our cables can be found in almost all industries with connectivity needs.

Professional Cable specializes in wire and cable solutions. Professional Cable will help you find almost any cable, most of which will be in stock. If it isn’t a regularly stocked item, Professional Cable manufacturers can custom-build the right cable. We will work with your team to find the right cable solution for you company’s needs. Whether it is an off-the-shelf cable, or a complex custom-engineered solution, we will partner with your team to find the right solution.

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WALL-MICRO Micro USB Charger

110 V AC, 220 V AC Input Voltage - 4.7 V DC, 5.3 V DC Output Voltage - 1 A Output Current

Xavier AC Adapter (Silver, Blue, or Pink)

5 V DC Output Voltage - 2.10 A Output Current

Xavier Auto Adapter (Silver, Blue, or Pink)

Professional Cable. Xavier Cables. Silver Dual USB Car Charger 2-Ports 3.1A - Can be used as multi-functional safety rescue hammer to break car window in an emergency. Cables are PVC/Copper. Silver

USB Wall Charger 2.1A

USB Wall Charger 2.1A
Charges iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Tablets, & Kindle.
1 Year Warranty

Professional Cable CAR-USB Auto Adapter

12 V DC Input Voltage

Xavier 4 Port Wall Charger

5 V DC Output Voltage - 3.10 A Output Current

Quantity 50 USB Car Chargers Multiple Colors

USB Car Charger Bin - Multi Colors 50 pack

Quantity 50 Wall Chargers Multiple Colors

USB Wall Charger Bin - Multi Colors 50 pack