Melnor, Inc.

A Little History ...

Melnor, Inc. is one of the leading producers of lawn and garden watering products in North America. The name Melnor has become synonymous with innovation and high-quality.

Melnor's commitment is to continue the tradition of providing exciting products that will satisfy every homeowner¹s needs. Our goal is to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market.

The company's corporate headquarters are located in Winchester, Virginia. Products are distributed from facilities in Winchester and Sumner, Washington. 

Melnor’s history is innovation, including these firsts:

  • 1948 — Metal Oscillating Sprinklers
  • 1948 — Hose Repair Kits
  • 1959 — Multi-Pattern Turret Sprinklers
  • 1962 — Traveling Sprinkler
  • 1966 — Time-a-matic Sprinkler/Timer
  • 1984 — Low Profile Oscillating Sprinklers
  • 1997 — Front Trigger Zinc Clad AquaGun®
  • 1997 — New Generation Electronic AquaTimers®
  • 1998 — Front Trigger Zinc AquaGun®
  • 2000 — Drip Capable Electronic AquaTimer®
  • 2004 — Two-Zone Electronic AquaTimer®
  • 2006 — Worlds easiest-to-program Electronic AquaTimers®
  • 2007 — Single-touch adjustable turbo-oscillating sprinklers (patent pending)

Melnor, Inc.
Winchester, VA 22603
Fax: 888-411-2500
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Heavyweight Metal 7-Pattern Nozzle

Heavy Weight Metal 7-Pattern Nozzle.This heavy weight metal to the core construction will last for years. The handle has a slip resistant rubber grip and Head. The built in trigger lock will allow you to keep the water flowing without having to keep pressure on the trigger. Choose from 7 patterns of spray. Limited Lifetime warranty. Gray/Black.

Heavyweight Metal Adjustable Nozzle

Heavy Weight Metal Adjustable Nozzle. This heavy weight metal to the core construction will last for years. The handle has a slip resistant rubber grip and Head. The built in trigger lock will allow you to keep the water flowing without having to keep pressure on the trigger. Limited Lifetime warranty. Gray/Black.

Heavyweight Metal Thumb Control Nozzle

Heavy Weight Metal Thumb Control Nozzle. This heavy weight metal to the core construction will last for years. The handle has a slip resistant rubber grip and Head. With the built in thumb control it's easy to adjust the flow or shut it off completely. Choose from 10 patterns of spray. Limited Lifetime warranty. Gray/Black.

Water Wand

7 Pattern 33" Watering Extension Wand. Use this extension wand to reach those high plantings or wash off the top of your SUV. The pivoting head comes with 7 different patterns to get the job done. Control the flow right on the trigger grip handle with out going back to the faucet. Extends from 33" to 48". Ergonomic front trigger design. 7 year Warranty. Silver/Green/Yellow.

Showerhead Wand with Heavy Duty Shutoff

Shower Head Wand. Give your plants a cold shower with this shower head. There are 400 holes in the head that create a gentle rain for your plants. The 33" wand makes it easy to get to the hard to reach plants or hanging baskets. Stainless steel wand. Flow control on handle. Comfortable hand grip. Silver.

Metal Pulsating Sprinkler

Metal Pulsating Sprinkler. This heavy duty sprinkler will cover a large area of your lawn, 85 ft in diameter. You can adjust from a full 360 degree arc down to just a straight stream aimed at a specific spot. The all metal head will hold up to the dryest summer. Sturdy metal base resists tipping. Replacable metal sprinkler head. 7 year warranty. Green/Brass

3700 sq. ft. Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler. For all of those times you need a large volume of water from your sprinkler, look no further. XT4000 has a a large feed tube for maximum water flow. This sprinkler utilizes our Infinity Drive turbo motor which provides smooth movement and even coverage. 18 Precision brass nozzles ensure an even watering of up to 3700 sq ft. Fully adjustable range for full to partial coverage. Allows for targeted watering. Limited Lifetime warranty. Black/Yellow.

Metal 2-Way Hose Valve

Metal 2-Way Hose Valve. This heavy duty metal hose valve is encased in a textured plastic cover for easy gripping. Connect two different hoses to one faucet and control each individually. It comes with an easy grip fiting nut to quickly attach or remove it from the faucet. Large control knobs for easy opperation. Includes two valve covers to use when no hose is attached. Lifetime warranty. Gray/Black.

HiFlo 4-Way Hose Valve

HIFlo Metal 4-way Hose Valve. Create four zones from one faucet with this metal hose valve. The large size allows greater water flow. There is a separate 5th connection to utilize the faucet without unhooking the 4 zones. Large knobs for easy operation. Durable metal construction. Lifetime warranty. Silver.

Talon Bypass Lopper

24" Bypass Lopper with Carbon steel blades, Non-stick coated cutting blade, Oval tubular aluminum handles, Comfort grips, Cushion bumpers.

6-Pattern Turbo Rotary Sprinkler

6 Pattern Turbo Sprinkler. This rotary sprinkler has a pattern for most needs, large cone, mini cone,fan spray, flat spray, jet, and full spray. The coverage area for this sprinkler is 70ft in diameter with a full 360 deg arc. The durable turbo motor will provide years of service. Metal Step spike. Flow through base allows unit to unit connection. Cap included for when not connecting another unit. Green/Yellow.

Adjustable Pattern Sprinkler

This compact impulse sprinkler is perfect for the smaller yards or unique areas that need watering. You can adjust the spray range in 12 different patterns. The extendable feet close up for easy compact storage at the end of the season. Place it in the center of your yard and adjust the spray pattern to suit your needs. Waters up to an 85ft diameter pattern. Connect units in a series to cover a larger area. 360 deg opperation. Saves water. Green/Yellow.

Pulsating Sprinkler On Wheeled Base

Melnor Metal Pulsating Sprinkler with Wheeled Base waters up to 85 foot diameter circle, Durable all metal head, Allows unit to unit connection, Powder-coated wheeled base.

Telescoping Sprinkler

Telescoping Sprinkler. This rugged all metal sprinkler can extend up to 40" tall to get beyond or over any shrubs or bushes in the way of watering your lawn. The three arm sprinkler head will produce a pattern to cover a 40ft diameter circle. The base has a step spike to securely achor the sprinkler into the ground. Brass & Aluminum construction. The base is flow through to allow unit to unit connections. Perfect for tall plantings. 2 yr warranty. Green/Gold.

3900 sq. ft. Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler. This sprinkler utilizes our Infinity Drive turbo motor which provides smooth movement and even coverage. 18 Precision rubber nozzles ensure an even watering. Patented one touch width adjustment. 3900 sq. ft. coverage. Limited Lifetime warranty. Glog resistant nozzles. Black/Yellow.

Mini-Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

The mini turbo has a small footprint but can cover up to 3900 SqFt. The clog resistant design provides a gentle even watering. The head can be rotated up to 360 deg to get an even coverage without having to move the unit. Turbo driven motor for extra long life. Flo -thru base allows for unit to unit connection. Lifetime warranty. Black.

Flat Soaker Hose

Melnor 75 foot Flat Soaker Hose is a great way to be Water Wise, by slowly soaking only the areas you need, plants grow strong and lush with minimal run-off. Our Flat Soaker Hoses are easier to use than standard hoses which are hard to bend and even harder to store. The flat design rolls up tight to store in a small space.

Heavy-Duty Metal Fireman's Nozzle (Patented)

AquaFloTitanium series Heavy-Duty Metal Fireman's Nozzle with slip resistant rubberized grip and head, Spray adjusts from extra-wide to blasting flow.

Talon Bypass Lopper

25-1/2" Talon Bypass Lopper with 1-1/2" Titanium coated cutting blade, High carbon steel blades, Unique arched shafts for easier greater cutting power, Aluminum handles, Comfort grips, Cushion bumper.

Hydrologic Soil Moisture Sensor

Hydrologic Moisture Sensor. Save water with a fully automated watering system, Our Hydrologic Moisture sensor works with any of our Hydrologic timers. This unit senses the water content of the soil (you can adjust sensitivity) and sends a signal to your timer to shut off. Why let your timer water if it's raining out. Unit comes with a 16ft cord to reach your timer. Large, easy to use control dial to adjust senitivity. 8.93 inches high. Limited 7 yr warranty. Gray.

Extreme Cleaning Wand

Extreme Cleaning Wand. It's gutter cleaning time, with this wand the job is easy. You can angle the pivoting head down into the gutter and extend the wand up to 72" to reach any first floor gutter without a ladder. It also makes a great tool to clean those first floor windows. The light weight wand makes spraying off your siding or deck seem effortless. Flow control is on the wand- no need to go back to the faucet. 360 deg pivoting head. Extends from 41" to 72". Black/Silver.

Automatic Extension Wand

(was Red -- will be transitioning to the Grey now) Extension Wand automatically extends with the flip of switch via water pressure. Extends from 34-53". Multiple spray patterns. Changing to Grey only --

Sprayer Wand

Blue Auto Wand automatically extends with the flip of a switch, Extends from 34-53 inches, Multiple spray patterns, Uses water pressure to extend.

HideAway Sprinkler

Melnor Hideaway Sprinkler hides behind bushes to water lawn or garden; Waters in 2 stages for even coverage; Extends to 50" Tall; Turbo-drive motor for extra long life.