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Founded in 1981, Maverick Industries, Inc. entered the home appliance market with an innovative line of electronic barbecue grills designed and manufactured in New Jersey. These upscale, high-quality products were introduced by leading department stores and specialty retailers across the country and established Maverick as an important innovator in consumer products. Later in the decade, Maverick also began producing ceramic indoor electric grills and other appliance products. We continue to innovate in the electric grill market with the 2015 launch of the new Electric Char-B-Que line of state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor glass grill products.

In 1991, Maverick introduced the BarBChek, the first electronic LED cooking thermometer. The BarBChek was a simple handheld probe with 4 color LED’s that indicated the food temperature from Rare to Well Done and was an instant success. In the following years, we expanded our line of digital cooking thermometers to include fork thermometers, roasting thermometers for oven and grill, candy & oil thermometers with presets for different results, and many specialty units, some even with voice features.  Maverick now offers the broadest line of digital cooking thermometers with a model for virtually every purpose.

In the ‘90s, Maverick worked closely with the USDA on a public service campaign to educate American consumers and cooks as to the importance of safe cooking temperatures, and we added a complete line of analog cooking thermometers.  All Maverick thermometers are accurate and reliable tools that foster food safety and reduce the incidences of food-borne illnesses.  

In 1999 Maverick invented the method of monitoring food temperatures using a transmitter and remote receiver.  Over the past 15 years the remote thermometer system has been expanded into more than 25 models with ever-longer transmission ranges, multiple higher heat-resistant food probes and better battery life.  The latest models ET-732 and ET-733 Remote Barbecue/Smoker Thermometers have become immensely popular with amateur and professionals across the country.  In fact, feedback from all our customers over the years has been critical in the evolution and improvement of these products.  Models which use Bluetooth or Wifi to connect the transmitter to a smartphone as the receiver are now in our line too.

Currently Maverick is the holder of nine U.S. utility patents and multiple design patents, principally related to cooking thermometers and small kitchen appliances. Besides these core products, we make and distribute weather thermometers under license from Timex, and cooking thermometers under license from Le Cordon Bleu. In 2014 we launched a complete line of home emergency preparedness products, solar backup phone batteries and related items under our Secur Products brand.  We also make products under private brand name for many of our customers, including many large national retailers, barbecue grill manufacturers, and internet sellers.  Our commitment to quality, innovative technology and partnering with other premiere brands has made Maverick a great choice for our partners and for you. 


Cook Smart and Grill Smart with Maverick!

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Maverick Hero Hot Dog Cooker & Steamer

Maverick Hero Hot Dog Steamer Steam Cooks up to 4 hot dogs in under 7 minutes, or 6 hot dogs in under 9 minutes Add water to indicated level and plug in, automatic shut off when done Voice chip "BARKS" when done, stops when unplugged Includes Measuring Cup for precise pouring Indicator Light Food tray is dishwasher safe ETL Listed 350 watts 120VAC


White finish Flip Tip Instant Read Thermometer is a spring action instant food thermometer, Thin tip for faster and more accurate temperatures, One button easily changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius, Temperature range: 32 to 392 degrees F, Fast temperature readings 32 to 212 degrees F, Unit turns ON/OFF automatically when the probe is pivoted, Temperature will be displayed in a few seconds, Quick action button opens the unit for temperature, Probe flips out straight for readings then folds back closed for easy storage, Instructions Included, AAA Battery included.

BBQ Safety Igniter

BBQ Safety Igniter works in cold or hot weather - tested to subfreezing temperatures; Not harmful to body (if shocked) similar to a static electricity shock; Piezoelectric igniter good to 100,000 strikes; Lights all types of ignitable gases including MAPP, Propane, Butane, Oxyacetylene, etc; 15" wire keeps fingers a safe distance from ignition; Safer than using matches or lighters; No batteries or fuel ever required; Generates 10,000 volts; Don't waste money replacing a broken grill igniter; Stainless steel construction with durable ABS handle.

Digital Probe Thermometer

Fast Read Digital Probe Thermometer will give accurate temperature in less than 4 seconds, Super Thin Tip for easy measurement, Temperature ranges from -58 (-50 C) to 572 degrees F (300 degrees C), Auto shut off to save on battery life, Detachable cover doubles as handle, Cover also comes with cord to hang from any hook for easy storage or around your neck while cooking, Unit is waterproof (but not dishwasher safe), Takes 1 LR44 battery (included).

Redi-Fork ET-68 Digital Probe Thermometer

Redi-Fork Digital Probe Thermometer with Detachable Tines and Rapid Read Tip... Take the guesswork away! Instantly check readiness and doneness of food with the new Rapid Read Tip. Never overcook or undercook again; Auto-on operation display turns on automatically when the temperature of food reaches 113 degrees F; Just set temp & Redi-Fork beeps when food is ready; Helps avoid E. Coli by cooking to proper temperature; Timer included, digital 24 hour/min./sec. count up & count down; Measures in both F & C; Two AAA batteries included.


NOW, you can have BBQ tools and cooking supplies readily accessible by clamping them to your grill or table!


Digital Barbecue Thermometer in Black with High Heat Probe and Wire withstands up to 700 degrees F (371 degrees C). This thermometer is a must for the gas grill. The Maverick DIGITAL BARBEQUE THERMOMETER lets you know the constant average temperature inside your barbeque throughout the cooking process. What's more, it recalculates this average every 10 seconds, and compares it to the temperature target you have preset. It then alerts you if the temperature swings more than 15 degrees F (9C) above or below your target temperature. It updates this average every 10 seconds. The DIGITAL BARBEQUE THERMOMETER measures the temperature by using a probe sensor with grill rack clip and an insulated metal wire that passes between the grill-hood and leads back to the unit. Grill knobs or air vents don't have very accurate temperature settings and when you open and close the hood the temperatures can vary up to 100 degrees F (55 C) from the temperature you think you set on the dial. Some grill hoods have analog thermometers but they are not at the grill surface, and they are not as accurate as digital. If you don't know your temperature, barbeque results can be poor. Terrific for proper cooking of roasts and poultry, too. Also features 20-hour count-up or countdown timer. Detachable stand for countertop use, hanging bracket for wall, and has magnets on back for sticking to metal surfaces. Single AAA battery included.

Propane Torch

Propane Torch fits 14.1 oz. and 16.92 oz. propane bottles, Anti-Flare and wind resistant design, Works with US 1" thread propane gas cylinder, Easy grip handle, Use for thawing frozen pipes or flame weeding.

Mesh Fry Pan

Mesh Frying Pan is perfect for grilling shrimp, fish - any foods not easily put on the grill surface; Allows the cook to toss the ingredients using the long stainless steel handle; Made from high quality #304 stainless steel.


Maverick LED Grill Light handle mount with 8 super bright LEDs provides 33% more light than other 6 LED models; Automatic timer shuts off unit to avoid unwanted battery drain. Versatile aiming! Unit can reach left or right side table and from front controls to rear warming rack. One set of batteries lasts a whole season! Over 50 hours on 3 AA batteries; Mounts to nearly any grill with a specially engineered clamp; Head is removeable for use away from the grill; Roll head forward and back; Extend head forward up to 4" for handles that are set back, Rotate head left to right; Telescoping arm for an additional 3" of extension; Lamp Life: Over 50,000 hours; Power: 3 AA Batteries; Battery Life: Over 50 hours; Materials: Steel and impact-resistant, polycarbonate, custom integrated timing circuit.


This handy portable light uses a standard 5” fluorescent bulb and 4 AA batteries (all included, replacements readily available) to provide convenient lighting anywhere. Energy efficient and cool fluorescent conserves power. Typical life 2-3 hours continuous, a whole summer with intermittent on/off operation.

Large Mesh Chef Grilling Pan with locking lid

Perfect for grilling vegetables, Allows the cook to toss the ingredients using the long stainless steel handle, Made from high quality #304 stainless steel.