MAP - A Must Read

Monday, July 31, 2017

What is MAP?

Some manufacturers impose a minimum price that companies are allowed to list their products for.  Some of these products we can sell for less than that price.  So what we have done is created a multi-item coupon that will adjust the price of any item in your cart to our actual selling price.  As of writing this article price adjustments are netween $3.26 and $37.57 on Items that would use this coupon.  To make sure you are getting the best price always use the Discount Code MAP.  You can apply the Discount Code after you have placed items in your shopping cart, by clicking on the Shopping cart in the uper right of the web page.  Once in the shopping cart you add the Discount code into the box next to APPLY COUPON, then clicl Apply Coupon.  If any of your items have a discount you will see the new price listed in your cart, along with how much you saved over teh Minimum Advertised Price!

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