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Insulated ArcticSqueeze® Mist 'N Sip® - 20oz.

O2COOL's ArcticSqueeze® is the perfect drinking bottle for your bike, sporting or outdoor activity. This product is flexible, easy to squeeze and provides you with a high flow rate of water and a fine mist to cool you down. Its insulated design keeps your water colder longer.

Alvita Optimized Pedometer With Four Activity Modes

Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer (HJ-321) is designed for power walking and aerobic exercise, the HJ-321 counts your aerobic steps separately from normal walking steps, as well as the distance, calories burned, and time you've traveled, giving you more information about your overall activity level. It accurately counts every step, using Omron's 3D smart sensor technology. Just wear it on your hip or place it in your bag or pocket. Omron Tri-Axis Technology: Counts steps accurately and quietly, whether positioned flat, vertically, or horizontally; Two Kinds of Steps: Tracks both regular and aerobic ("brisk") steps separately; Daily Distance and Calories Burned: Calculates and better tracks health; Automatic Reset: Starts with a clean slate each day to track your steps more accurately; Weekly Log: Stores up to seven days of information in memory; resets to zero at midnight, so you're ready to go every morning; Four Tracking Modes: Tracks normal walking steps, aerobic "brisk" steps, calories, and distance.

Omron Pedometer

Omron HJ-323U Tri-Axis Pedometer - Make Every Step Count - Features: Steps/Aerobic, Distance, Calories, Pitch (steps per minute), 21 day memory, USB, Application, Holder, Clip/Strap. The Omron HJ-322U Pedometer offers: Four Tracking Modes - track steps, aerobic steps, calories burned and distance. Online Solution - plug the USB into your computer for an online solution to track your progress. Automatic Reset - start with a clean slate each day to track your steps more accurately. Memory - stores up to 7 days of information on the screen and 21 days of activity to be downloaded. Tri Axis Technology - counts steps accurately no matter where it is positioned

PurAthletics Ankle & Wrist Weights 5lb

Using additional weights burns more calories and increases cardiovascular fitness. The extra weight tones and strengthens muscles. Use weights for aerobic, toning exercises and walking.

Sportline Ab Belt

UFC SlimBelt w/Hot/Cold Therapy Gel Pack. Cold therapy helps relieve minor pain and swelling. Hot therapy helps relieve minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Slim and trim your appearance, instantly.

PurAthletics Aerobic Stepper

A must have for all aerobic enthusiasts. This aerobic stepper is height adjustable depending on your skill level and workout target.