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We at Ematic would like to take a moment and sincerely thank you, our customers, for visiting our site and for nourishing our broad base of loyal customers for so many years. Ematic has been a large wholesale electronics manufacturer as well as a retail supplier to a range of technological innovations for nearly three decades now.

Since our company was originally establishment in 1985 with a different name, Ematic has continued to provide customers with high-quality technology at an affordable rate. Through this period of time, we have made adamant strides in maintaining a certain standard of style and innovation while also keeping our prices at a reasonable, economical rate. Though our tablets are the hot commodity in our product line, we ensure that our quality assurance additionally applies to our other electronic devices, whether it’s our e-book readers, mp3 players, high-definition flat screens, or one of our other numerous gadgets and computer accessories.

Since Ematic started, we have consistently provided some of the best electronic accessories on the market by emphasizing style and innovation while offering a genuine value to those who seek our products. From top-notch audio headphones and speakers, or unique inventions like our Smart Watch, to seamless mp3 devices, Ematic produces over a hundred different consumer electronics that can withstand heavy everyday use — all at an affordable cost to our loyal customers.

Whether you’re looking for cheap Android tablets, HDTVs, or anything in between, Ematic would love to have your business. For a better look at what we have to offer, check out our portable media devices and electronics.

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Ematic 7" HD Quad-Core Multi-Touch Tablet with Android 5.0 - Black

The Ematic 7” HD Quad-Core tablet includes Android 5.0, Lollipop providing a new visual style, improved performance, and adds features. Get the most out of your favorite apps thanks to the powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. With Google Play you can access over 1 million apps and games as well as access to thousands of movies, books, millions of songs, TV Shows and magazines. Games, TV Shows, Movies, Books - Entertainment at your fingertips!

Ematic EPD707 Portable DVD Player - 7" Display - 480 x 234

DVD-R, CD-R - JPEG - DVD Video, Video CD, MPEG-4 - CD-DA, MP3 - 1 x Headphone Port(s) - Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer) - 2 Hour

Ematic 9” Portable DVD Player with Matching Headphones and Bag

The Ematic 9” Portable DVD Player with Matching Headphones and Bag makes it easy to enjoy your favorite movies, videos, music and pictures on the go.

Ematic EPD116 Portable DVD Player - 10" Display - 1024 x 600

DVD-R, CD-R - DVD Video, Video CD, MP4, DivX - CD-DA, MP3 - Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer)

Ematic EPD121PN Portable DVD Player - 12.1" Display - 1366 x 768

DVD-R, CD-R - DVD Video, Video CD, MPEG-4 - CD-DA, MP3 - Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer)

Ematic TrackBand Smart Band

The Ematic TrackBand (Black) monitors your activity and sleep whenever you where it. Sync with your smartphone and keep track of steps taken, distance by foot, and calories burned. The LCD display keeps you updated on your wrist and also shows the time and an SMS notification (Android only). The alarm clock feature silently wakes you in the morning. Wirelessly sync with iPhone 4s or newer, Samsung Galaxy devices, and more. Track your activity and sleep. Pedometer, Calories Burned, Distance by Foot. Monitor sleep quality. Receive SMS notifications (Android only). Watch and Silent Alarm. Water resistant.