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Zenzation Athletics Flex Bands (3piece)

The Zenzation Fitness/Pilates Bands are widely used by: Physiotherapists (rehabilitation), fitness instructors and pilates instructors. Used for cardiovascular gains. Used to vary the resistance and actively isolate each specific muscle. Wrapping flexible bands around the body or body's extremities will produce a natural range of motion and variable - resisted - active - isolated - stretching.

PurAthletics Push-Up Bars

The Push Up Bars are great to tone and add definition to your upper body and legs. Targets: The chest, arms, back and shoulders. Ergonomic design relieves stress and tension on the wrists. Aids in yoga poses for arthritis sufferers (easy to grip).

PurAthletics Balance Disc

The Balance Disc Active Sitting Cushion prevents back discomfort, relieves stress on the spine. Promotes "active sitting". Helps with spinal alignment, improving posture. Increases intensity when stretching or doing lunges. Use the Balance Disc while standing, kneeling or sitting. Improves balance and strengthens the core.

Zenzation Athletics Resistance Cords Kit

Portable, lightweight, medium 4' strength. High grade latex tubing for maximum expansion. Resistance cord exercises are widely used by a variety of health and fitness practitioners. Used for general strength, conditioning, rehabilitation or injury prevention.

PurAthletics WTE10088 Ab Wheel

The PurAthletics Ab Wheel Glider when used just minutes a day will target, abs, oblique's, triceps, lats, back, shoulders and arms. Helps strengthen your overall core, building muscle firmness and flattening the tummy.

PurAthletics Chin Up Bar

Use the Multi Chin Up Bar to get a total body workout, beginner and advanced users, multiple workouts. Great for any level of fitness.

PurAthletics Door Gym Deluxe

Get a full body workout with the 12-in-1 Workout Door Gym, shapes, tones, builds strength and power.

PurAthletics Pro Series Ball Chair

The ZenZu Ball Chair is unique promoting "Active Sitting". Reflecting positive use of back and core muscles. Rather than "passive sitting" which degenerates muscles and causes strain (back aches). Promotes better posture in upright sitting. Promotes constant shifting of core and back muscles for reduced strain and strengthening of muscles. Helps to take pressure off of the spine. Ideal for office, home computer and student use.

UFC Deluxe Speed Rope

The UFC Deluxe Speed Rope gives you an intense aerobic workout that helps you build speed, define your muscles and improve your coordination

CUB Chin Up Bar

The Valeo Chin-Up/Sit-Up Bar. Turn you upper body into the perfect V shape by adding the chin-up/sit-up bar to your routine. Holds up 250lbs, Fits doorways 27" to 36" with one telescoping end. Foam covering moves to desired hand position. 2 sets of mounting brackets for easy switch from chin-ups to sit-ups. Sculpt abdominal muscles. Build a bigger, stronger chest. Develop powerful shoulders and back.

Valeo Ab Belt

The Valeo Core Support Slimmer Belt - Sz Sm/Md "Nylon Spine Panel" enforces proper alignment between the abdomen and lower back (your core muscles)Double wing closure straps for reinforced supportSoft neoprene sides for extra comfort and sauna actionGrip-strip closure for custom fitHand washable

Valeo Leather Lifting Belt- Black (Small, Medium, or Large)

The Valeo 4" Black Padded Leather Lifting Belt features a 4 inch wide top quality 1/4 inch thick cowhide with sturdy double-stitched edges. Suede lining covers a foam lumbar pad for comfort and added support. Double-prong roller buckle closure with double loops to secure belt tab. Small: Waist 24 - 30" Medium: Waist 31 - 37" Large: Waist 38 - 44"

Valeo Tricep Rope

Valeo Tricep Rope is a 28" heavy-duty coated nylon rope with solid rubber ends. Heavy-duty chrome plated attachment connects to any universal gym system. Develops triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and abs and improves grip strength.

Valeo Lifting Belt (Small, Medium, or Large)

Valeo's Padded Leather Belt is 6 inches wide, top-quality 1/4 inch thick cowhide with sturdy, double-stitched edges. Suede lining covers a foam lumbar pad for comfort and added support. Double-prong roller buckle closure with double loops to secure belt tab. Waist 24 - 30"

Valeo Ankle/Wrist Weight

The Valeo weights are designed to adjust to your exact fitness needs. With removable weight packs, each Valeo weight can adjust from two to 10 pounds in two-pound increments for a total of 20 pounds of weight. The weight sleeves have self-gripping closures so it is easy to add and remove weights as needed. The Valeo weights are padded for comfort and have adjustable metal D-ring double-strap closure systems so they can be adjusted for a perfect fit on your wrists or ankles.