Conair Corporation

Conair Corporation began in 1959 as a small hair appliance and hair care company. Today it is one of the largest and most diversified consumer products companies in the world. This global leader in the manufacture and distribution of personal care, grooming, health and beauty products, and premium kitchen electrics, tools, and cookware, is headquartered in East Windsor, New Jersey, with sales and marketing operations in Stamford, Connecticut. Conair's passion for innovation and technology continue to produce products that exceed customer expectations

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All-In-One Adapter Combo Unit

Adapter/Converter Combo with 2 modes: adapter only or adapter/converter combo for use with U.S. appliances (110/120V) overseas; Converts foreign electricity (220/240V) to 110/120V; Easy-to-use all-in-one adapter and converter combo unit fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries; Built-in surge protector keeps your electrical appliances safe from spikes in foreign electricity.

1875-Watt High-Power Converter for Single-Voltage Appliances

TS703CRN Travel Smart 1875-Watt High Power Converter for Single Voltage Appliances; Extra 230V power outlet for chargers, laptops, dual voltage appliances; USB Port.

Moist/Dry Electric Heating Pad

Our Moist/Dry Heating Pad generates moist or dry heat for relief from muscle aches and pains. With moist or dry heating options, you can choose an effective, penetrating heat therapy that's best suited to your unique needs. The slide switch lets you control the soothing warmth, which can be enhanced with moist heat from the included absorbent sponge.

Moist King-Size Heating Pad with Automatic Off

Controlled moist heat from this king-size heating pad brings temporary pain relief to muscle strains and sprains, joint pain and inflammation. Moisture from the heated sponge pad penetrates sore muscles with its own therapeutic "wet" heat, increasing blood flow in the affected areas to provide relief. The king-size pad with a machine-washable cloth cover is big – making it an ideal treatment option for lower and upper back pain. Easy-to-read LCD controls let you set and monitor temperature for the treatment that works for you.

ThermaLuxe™ Massaging Heating Pad

Our Thermaluxe Massaging Heating Pad soothes aches and pains with ease and convenience. The ergonomic remote control manages 5 independent settings for heat and massage administering a custom combination of caressing warmth for therapeutic relief. The extra-large size covers multiple muscle groups at once, providing a warm massage for big relief.

Heated Body-Flex® Massager

Relax and revive with the powerful vibrating action provided by the Body Flex Massager. Choose from 6 massaging surfaces, including a large head, a concentrator knob, and 4 textured-surface attachments for a variety of techniques. The heat On/Off and Low/High massage power switches make it easy to operate.

Hand-Held Massager with Vibration, Heat and 4 Attachments

This handheld, vibrating, heated massager has 2 speeds and 4 attachments that work to provide soothing heat and welcome relief to aching and tired muscles. With a 10-inch ergonomic open-design handle, those hard-to-get spots are within reach to relax muscles using the vibrating, dual-speed action and custom attachments. This massager provides a deep or gentle massage - with or without heat.

Heated Massaging Seat Cushion

Temporarily relieve minor muscular backache pain and tension with our Body Benefits Heated Massaging Seat Cushion. Three powerful massage motors provide soothing relief to your upper back and lumbar area while you sit in complete comfort. This massager straps onto most chairs, where you can use the remote to control the massage intensity and heat.

Hydrotherapy Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles & Heat

Feel tranquil and relaxed with your own waterfall foot spa. The full bubble action soothes your soles, while the innovative waterfall massages the tops of your feet as it pampers your toes. Pumice stone, brush and soft-touch massage attachments add a touch of luxury. Three toe-touch controls make operation easy.

Serene Sounds with Timer

Let the sounds of nature create a tranquil mood so you can relax, rest, and renew. From a running brook to the gentle pitter-patter of rain, these soft noises will wrap you in peace. Ease into meditation, drift off to sleep, or let the soothing sounds calm your little ones.

Soothing Sounds and Relaxation Clock Radio

Elemental therapy soothes the mind through sounds, rhythm and nature. Our Soothing Sounds and Relaxation Clock Radio features ten soothing sounds and a dual alarm. It is perfect for creating a relaxing environment or soothing yourself to sleep. It also includes easy volume control.

OptiClean™ Cordless Rechargeable Power Plaque Remover

This rechargeable cordless toothbrush has bristles in the oscillating brush head to clean your teeth better than conventional toothbrushes. Subgingival bristles massage gums and clean under the gum line; and the polishing bristles smooth the tooth surfaces. Two twist-on brush heads are included, color-coded so that family members can each have their own.

Interplak® Classic Water Jet

The Interplak Classic Water Jet is effective and safe on most dental work as it flushes food debris from the hard-to-reach places between teeth or around implants, orthodontic braces and crowns. Seven-setting pressure control. Easy-fill translucent tank holds water, dental rinse or mouthwash.

Interplak® All-In-One Sonic Water Jet System

Our All-In-One Sonic Water Jet System is designed to help you improve and maintain your oral hygiene at home. The integrated system gently cleans and flushes food debris from hard-to-reach places – around orthodontic appliances, fixed and removable bridgework, crowns, splints and implants – and provides valuable gum massage with every use.

Weight Watchers Digital Medical Scale (Black or White)

This electronic scale features digital weighing technology in an ultra-compact 10 x 11-inch platform, making it a great scale for small bathrooms, dorm rooms, and other tight spaces. The 1-inch digital display is surrounded by an elegant polished chrome bezel, showing weight in 0.5 lb. increments.

Weight Watchers® Portable Precision Electronic Scale

This portable digital scale provides a large, easy-to-read, 1.3-inch digital display that shows your weight in 0.2-lb or 100-gram increments, up to 330-lbs/150-kilograms. It uses single load cell system semiconductor technology to ensure accurate measurements every time you use it. The scale comes in a hygienic-white color, and has a handle for convenient carrying and storage.

Weight Watchers® Digital Painted Glass Scale

This extra-slim bathroom scale has both brains and beauty. Using multiple load cell semiconductor technology to measure and weigh, this low-profile scale shows your weight in an easy-to-read 1.3 inch digital display. The decorative painted glass is safety tempered and has a slim profile to make it easy to use and store.

Weight Watchers® Body Analysis Precision Scale

In addition to body weight, this body analysis bathroom scale performs bio-impedance analysis to measure and display body fat percentage, body water percentage, bone mass percentage and body mass index (BMI) for each user. Up to four different user profiles can be entered into this Weight Watchers scale, and it can also be used in “guest” mode as a basic body weight scale. With a 12-inch square platform, this sturdy plastic bathroom scale holds up to 350 lb. displayed in 0.2 lb. increments. The 1.3-inch digital display makes it easy to see your results.

Weight Watchers Digital Medical Scale

Weight Watchers Glass Precision Electronic Scale with Semiconductor Technology: Multiple-load Cell System ; Extra-large 1.5" Digital Display; Displays Weight in 0.1 lb or 50 g increments; 400 lb/182 kg Weight Capacity; Large 12" x 13" Platform; Tempered Glass with Chrome Accent; "Tap-on" Scale Activator; Longlife Lithium Battery (Included).

3-Setting Handheld Chrome Showerhead

Our 3-Setting Handheld Showerhead delivers three types of water sprays – full body, heavy rain or a combination of the two – for a refreshing take on getting clean. The Microban protection on each shower component will not wash off or wear off, keeping every part fresh by fighting mildew, mold and bacteria that cause odors and stains. The blue LED lights are powered by water flow, generating a calm effect that showers you in tranquility.