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Nspire CX CAS Teacher Software

TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS Teacher Software Single Perpetual License v4.4 with CD. Compatible Single user licenses can be installed on school, institutional, educator or personal computers Single Perpetual (CD)

Texas Instruments 16" D BUS I O Cable

TI 16 inch D-BUS I/O Cable

Texas Instruments AC Adapter

TI Wall Adapter with USB Cable 60"
Must purchase 10 at a time

Texas Instruments AC Adapter


Texas Instruments Battery

All TI-Nspire, TI-Nspire CAS and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition units. Some TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS units. Includes one (1) TI Rechargeable Battery

Texas Instruments Calculator Battery

TI Nspire Calculator

Texas Instruments Calculator PC Interface Cable

TI-Connectivity Kit USB for Windows/Mac (silver translucent cable)...Connects TI Graphing Handhelds to Windows and Mac based computers. Capture multiple screen images for your homework. Drag and drop all data types in one consistent manner. Download handheld Software Applications to use your TI handheld in more classes; Back up the data from your TI handheld to your computer; Download games to your TI handheld; Both the software and the cable work with your computer, TI handheld, data collection technology and TI-InterActive! to get you connected, and keep you connected.

Texas Instruments Calculator Totebag

Canvas Tote bag holds 30 graphing calculators.

Texas Instruments Presentation Link Adapter

TI-84 Plus Presentation Link is the ViewScreen adapter that allows students to connect their calculator (TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition) to the TI ViewScreen Panel (82VSH) or TI-Presenter to show their work to the whole class. The Presentation Link uses the new USB port on the TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. White Box.

Texas Instruments Storage Caddy

TI Storage Caddy

Texas Instruments Storage Caddy

TI Calculator Caddy for TI-30XIIS,TI-34II Gray - there are 6 caddies that hold 10 calculators each in the box

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire Lab Cradle

Wired - Calculator, Computer - Charging Capability - Synchronizing Capability - 1 x USB

Texas Instruments Ultrasonic Ranger Module

TI Ultrasonic Ranger Module. Measures distance in centimeters for use in programming and STEM projects. Contains: Ultrasonic Ranger Module with detachable cable.

Texas Instruments XX/KT/CC2/A Calculator Caddy

10 x Calculator - Plastic - For Calculator - 6 Set

TI 30 34 MV SV Single Sftwr

Single Perpetual License v1.1 TI-30/34 MultiView SmartView Software

TI CBR cable

TI Cable, I/O, CBR, 7.5 foot with in-line connector (Bulk)

TI External Battery Kit

TI External Battery Kit. Convenient source of power when using components that require extra power. contains: External Battery (Model # MP-3000)

TI Innovator Breadboard Pack

The TI-Innovator Breadboard Pack. Resistors, capacitors, LEDS and other components for design activities that explore electronics principles. Contains: Breadboard 2 x 3 inches, Forty (40) Male to male breadboard jumper cables, Ten (10) Male to female breadboard jumper cables, Assorted LEDs (five (5) green, ten (10) red, two (2) RGB), Assorted resistors (ten (10) each of 100 Ohm, 1K Ohm, 10K Ohm, 100K Ohm, 10M Ohm), Assorted capacitors (One (1) each of 100 ?F, 10 ?F, 1 ?F), 7 segment display, 940nm Infrared transmitter and receiver, Thermistor, Analog temperature sensor, Potentiometer with knob, Small DC motor, Diode, Light sensor, SPDT slide switch, 8-Position DIP switch, 8 100 Ohm resistor SIP package, Two (2) Power MOSFET, 4AA battery holder

TI Innovator Hub Kit

The TI-Innovator Hub Kit Enables students to learn basic coding and design, and use those skills to program and build working solutions. Kit contains: TI-Innovator Hub, TI Wall Charger, USB Cable: Standard-A to Micro-B, USB Cable: Mini-A to Mini-B, USB Cable: Standard-A to Mini-B

TI Innovator IO Module Pack

The TI-Innovator I/O Module Pack. I/O Module components for projects that connect science concepts, programming and coding skills. Contains: Light Sensor module with detachable cable, LED module with detachable cable, Vibration Motor module with detachable cable, Servo Motor with attached cable

TI Nspire Nav Single Perpetual

Ti-Nspire Navigator Teacher Software - Single Perpetual (CD). Single user licenses can be installed on school, instiutional, educator or personal computers.

TI Nspire Single Seat License

TI-Nspire Student Computer Software - Single seat License. Can be installed on 1 school, institutional or educator computer.

TI Nspire Single Seat License

TI-Nspire Student Computer Software - Single seat License. Can be installed on 1 school, institutional or educator computer.

TI Robotic Vehicle

This robotic vehicle, with multiple built-in sensors, is controlled by the TI-Innovator Hub and compatible graphing calculator. Rechargeable Battery, Color Sensor, Ranger, 2 motors, Gyroscope, RGB LED, Marker holder, Allows use of TI-Innovator speaker, light brightness sensor, and input and output ports.