In every problem, we see a solution
In every mess, we see an opportunity for improvement

We believe cables should be effortlessly managed, organized, tidied
And with tidiness comes the ability to focus on what matters

Let’s get to the good stuff.

At Bluelounge we’ve been making products that eliminate cable clutter in homes worldwide for more than a decade.

Our extensive investigation into what bothers us and our customers most has lead us to create a category that everyone can identify with and what we’re best known for, Cable Management.

Original Cableyoyo 2006

Years ago, we designed our first product, Cableyoyo, with one goal in mind: to organize messy cables.

Today, joining our experience with great design, we’ve added to the line up to provide our customers with 360-degrees of cable management coverage.

From boxes to tubes, clips to drops – we’ve thought through every instance of cable mess and how to fix it, simply and easily, with as little effort required on the user’s part.

Under the creative direction of Dominic Symons, the Bluelounge team is a vibrant group that works to perfect solution-driven products with a strong emphasis on organization.

The constant drive to continue inventing problem-solving products has landed Bluelounge more than a dozen design awards, patents and distribution in over 46 countries.

Bluelounge is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Jakarta and Pasadena, California.

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Bluelounge Apple Watch Charging Coaster

Charging Coaster for Apple Watches

Sanctuary4 Power Adapter

Sanctuary4 is a four-port multi device charging valet for tablets and phones. With 4-amps of power, there is plenty of juice to quickly charge multiple devices at the same time.

AA Battery Charger

Aaden makes sure you always have a set of rechargeable AA batteries by your side and ready to go.