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Energizer NiMH Battery Charger

You’ll love the way the Energizer Recharge® Universal Charger can charge several battery sizes – AA, AAA, C, D or 9V. It’s the perfect charger for the family who uses all sorts of devices…and likes to save money.

Energizer Recharge Pro AA/AAA Battery Charger

With a name like Pro Charger, you know you can expect high-performance charging – and great savings over disposable batteries. Paired with long-lasting NiMH Energizer Recharge® batteries, you can charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries in just 3 hours.

Energizer Family Size NiMH Battery Charger

Energizer offers a family charger. Will charge AA/AAA/C/D/9V

Energizer NiMH Rechargeable Battery Charger

Energizer Rapid Recharge Combo Pack (Charger & Batteries) includes 4 AA batteries, Charger will handle AA and AAA batteries.

BC1000 Alpha Power Battery Charger

Battery Charger with (4) AAA Rechargeable NiMH batteries has 3 easy steps to renewable power. Insert battery (batteries) into Charger and Select Mode: Charge, Discharge/ charge, Refresh/ charge, Test/ charge and then select charging current (Rate) (200mA to 1800mA). Works with all NiCd & NiMH AA/AAA Rechargeable Batteries, Automatically switches to trickle charge when charging is complete to ensure maximum battery capacity; Automatically defaults to 200mA charge (the optimal setting for prolonging battery life); Overcharge detection to protect battery life; Selectable charging current: 200, 500, 700 or 1000mA. When only channel 1 and/or channel 4 are used, can select up 1500 or 1800 mA. Charges AA & AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously, Will not charge defective batteries, Overheat protection to protect battery life. If any one battery or circuit overheats, the charger will stop all channels charging and discharging. When charging is complete, LCD shows capacity in % charged for each battery. Uses any AA battery with adapter to power electric/ electronic devices requiring C or D batteries. Includes 4-C Size Battery Adapters, 4-D Size Battery Adapters, 4-AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries, Nylon Travel Bag with deep main pocket with 2 inner pockets, Divided zipper pocket perfect for battery storage, Strong adjustable nylon strap with detachable metal clips.

Snow Joe + Sun Joe iCHRG20 EcoSharp® Lithium-Ion Battery Charger | 20 Volt

In charge. Take command of your cordless power tool with the 20-volt EcoSharp® lithium-ion battery charger, designed to work specifically with the 20-volt EcoSharp™ lithium-ion battery (model iBAT20). When the battery indicator lights on your iBAT20 indicate diminished battery capacity, simply slide the battery pack into its dedicated iCHRG20 charger and power back up in just 2.5 to 3 hours for a complete charge. Equipped with thermal, over-voltage, and over-current circuit protection, the iCHRG20 charger safely charges the iBAT20 battery without any risk of battery pack damage. Energy Star certified, the iBAT20 battery and iCHRG20 charger provide an eco-friendly means to safely and reliably power all your Snow Joe® and Sun Joe® cordless iON tools. One battery, one charger – countless cordless possibilities!

Snow Joe + Sun Joe iCHRG40-DPC EcoSharp® Lithium-Ion Battery Dual Port Charger | 40 Volt

DOUBLE DUTY. Accomplish twice as much in half the time with the iCHRG40-DPC Dual Port Charger, made exclusively for use with the complete line of Snow Joe + Sun Joe iON battery-powered tools. With dual ports, there’s never a wait - both batteries are fully charged and ready to tackle your yard tasks, so you can do more with less interruption - trim trees, cut logs, mow the lawn or blow snow. Simply swap batteries, and go! Made for use with both one or two batteries, the iCHRG40-DPC dual port charger is compatible with the following Snow Joe + Sun Joe EcoSharp® lithium-ion batteries, including iBat40, iBat40XR, iBat40-LT, iBAT40-LTE.