Barbour International, Inc

Exploring the bayous and marshlands of southern Louisiana, crabbing from the shore, camping on the beach, duck hunting, bass fishing – these are the outdoor experiences upon which Bayou Classic was founded – and at the end of the day, it was always about cooking.

 For the past 30 years, the Barbour family has remained focused on providing the best possible cooking equipment to enhance any outdoor experience.  The ‘Bayou’ theme touches every product sold, and is at the heart of the Bayou Classic brand.  Offering a broad variety of cooking products – from Great Lakes Boilers to Bayou Jambalaya Pots or even Homebrew Equipment - there is something for every region and occasion.  

 Whether backyard entertaining or roughing it at a camp; whether tailgating before the big game or race day; whether spending a day at the park or a day at the beach; there is always that unmistakable feeling from cooking on the Bayou!

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Bayou Classic 5HPR-30 Burner Accessory

The 30 PSI Propane Regulator Kit by Bayou Classic will reach super high with the right burner. Use the 30 PSI Propane Regulator Kit for high pressure propane applications. The hose measures 48 inches and the fitting on the end of the hose is a 3/8 inch flare swivel fitting. The 30 PSI propane regulator kit does have a brass needle valve that will adjust the height of your flame. Use the 30 PSI propane regulator kit with our KAB4, KAB6 and BG14 burners.

36" Stainless Braided Regulator Hose

Bayou Classic 36" Stainless Hose with Adjustable Regulator, 5-psi.

Bayou Classic Aluminum Fry Pots with Baskets

Bayou Classic 14-quart Aluminum Deep Fry Pot with Lid & Basket... 99% pure restaurant grade aluminum deep fryer is 13" d X 6" h; Perforated basket; Notched Lid.

Stainless Steel Seasoning Injector

Bayou Classic 2 oz. Stainless Seasoning Injector with Two 6" Needles.

Classic Steam Tray

Bayou Classic Steam Tray. Stainless Steel heavy screen with bale Handle; 15.5" diameter, High elevation seperates food above water for proper steaming; Converts the 16 gal (64 qt.) stockpot into a steamer for large batch cooking; Can also be used as a false bottom, turning the stockpot into a brew kettle. 65 Qt stainless steel stock pot with spigot sold under model number 1064.