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2.5oz. Hip Flask

You don't have to be camping to take advantage of our sturdy and tight-sealing flask. The stainless steel flask will hold 2.5 oz and the low-profile design will fit easily in your back pocket or backpack.

Suede Microfiber Towel

Our Microfiber Suede Towels are smooth as silk and super absorbent. They are perfect for a day at the beach or on the banks of a mountain lake. These suede towels also work well for cleaning up spills. Our lightweight towels pack into a compact zipper bag, and are available in 3 different sizes (M, L, XL).

Terry Cloth Microfiber Towel

Our Microfiber Terry Towels are durable and super absorbent, yet incredibly soft on the skin. Take them onboard your boat or raft, to dry off from a cool dip. These terry towels also double as a great dish towel to use after washing the mess kit. Our lightweight towels roll pack into a compact zipper bag, and are available in 3 different sizes (M, L, XL).

Collapsible Silicone Coffee Mug

This is the perfect mug to take your hot or cold beverages with you on the go. Pull up on the top to expand, fill with 5 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage, and then push it back into itself for easy storage. Safe to freeze, microwave, and put it into the dishwasher to wash.

Vinyl Ground Sheet

Say goodbye to soggy picnics and camping with the AceCamp ground sheet. Whether you use it as a footprint for your tent or a liner under a blanket, this vinyl sheet is the perfect protection from the wet ground. There are eyelets in the sheet for easy anchoring with our tent pegs, and it comes in two sizes to fit all your needs.

5 oz Hip Flask

Ready, set, go! Turn heads with our fun gas can flask. It is stainless steel and holds 5 oz of your favorite liquid libation (not included).

Glow-in-the-Dark Rope

Our unique glow in the dark ropes get the job done while making your tent the talk of the camp! Handy as tent lines, clothes lines, or just to wrap around a tree as a beacon, the ropes are made to resist wear and tear and will charge quickly in either natural or artificial light. They are available in a variety of lengths and diameters. Orange.

Utility Cord

Our water-resistant rope is extremely handy, whether it is tying down a mattress to the roof of your car or a guyline for your tent, our polyester utility cord will come to the rescue

Survivor Multitool Shovel

A simple shovel this is not! Chop wood, catch a fish, build a shelter no task is too big for this tool. This all-in-one shovel is lightweight, has a compact design, and comes with a case.

Zipper Repair Kit 3Pk (Nickle or Black)

Replace your zipper slider anywhere. FixnZip is a replacement slider that requires no tools and no sewing to install. Add this to your gear repair kit and don t be caught in the wild without one. They work on both tooth and coil zippers, come in different three sizes, and are available in either Black or Silver Nickel.

Military Shovel

Our lightweight military shovel is a great addition to emergency kits or camping gear. It collapses down to a compact size and stores inside its own case, and has a spring-loaded locking system for easy assembly on the fly. The blade is made of steel with a serrated edge that can be used as an emergency saw, and the aluminum handle is over-sized for easy gripping.

Folding Survival Shovel - Boxed

Folding Survival Shovel has a snap lock that allows adjustments of shovel blade to pick; Handle unscrews to assemble a 5-1/2" blade saw; Shovel folds to compact "C"; Extended shovel measures 24" long; Made of heavy duty steel with a black finish.


Trekking Pole can be used for wading, hiking, and more. Durable 7075 aluminum alloy. Extends from 24" to 54" long. On/off positive locking system lets you adjust to a comfortable height. Notched handle grip with adjustable strap

Parachute/Cargo Bag - Black

Parachute Cargo Bag. Made of rugged cotton canvas. Large main compartment holds clothing and gear. Full length zipper and two handles make for easy access and carrying. Cotton Canvas Capacity- 4,680 cubic inches. Size: 24"X15"X13" Color: Black

Wood Handle Axe - 24"

Wood handle Axe with 24" Handle, Drop forged heads for strength and durability, Flat back for hammering, Extra strong hardwood handle.


Cork Grip Trekking Pole can be used for wading, hiking, and more. On/off positive locking system lets you adjust to a comfortable height. Ergonomic cork handle with nylon adjustable strap.

Multi-Function Emergency FM Weatherband With LED Light Dynamo Radio

FM/Weather Band Dynamo Radio with LED Light and Siren (85dB), Headphone and DC outputs for cell phones, etc.; Carry handle and antenna, Scan feature button to find available stations with ease; Hand crank to charge built-in battery: 1 minute of cranking equals up to 10 minutes of radio, 3 minutes of siren or 20 minutes of flashlight individually; Longer cranking gives longer use time, 3 minutes of cranking equals 2 to 8 minutes of cell phone use.


Made from high quality SK-5 satin plated with forged carbon steel and a non-slip rubber grip handle. A sheath with belt loop included. Weight of 14.5 oz.


Double Strap Black Canvas Bag is 38" in length to hold those longer items comfortably. The heavy duty 22 ounce cotton canvas material will withstand heavy loads. Two padded shoulder straps let you sling this bag onto your back, or grab onto the carry handle.

Pro II First Aid Kit

Pro II First Aid Kit in a lightweight and flexible organizer case that offers the ultimate in organization, versatility and convenience. Zippered closure on main and inside chamber; Case has individual inside compartments for organization of first aid supplies; Ideal size for easy storage and portability; Assortment of 42 essential first aid items including a first aid guide.

Wood Handle Axe - 36"

Wood handle Axe with 36" Handle, Drop forged heads for strength and durability, Flat back for hammering, Extra strong hardwood handle.

12 Gauge Shotshell Thermo Bottle - 25 oz. - Green

12-Guage Shotshell Thermal Bottle with double-wall 18-8 stainless steel insulated construction (BPA free); Keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours; Insulated cap; One touch stopper; Wide base cup is tip proof; Green color; 25 oz. 3-cup capacity.

Two-Tone Canvas Duffle Bag with Zipper

Two tone canvas duffle bag is made of heavy duty 22 oz. cotton canvas. Two web handles on ends and one in center. Adjustable shoulder strap. Full length zipper for easy access. Size: 18"X36"

Wilderness First-Aid Kit

Wilderness First Aid Kit contains 12 Plastic Bandages (3/4 x 3), 10 Mini Bandages (3/8 x 1-1/2), 6 Antiseptic Towelettes, 6 First Aid Cream Packs, 6 Q-Tips, 5 Triple Antibiotic Ointments, 4 Safety Pins, 4 Sterile Non-Adhere Pads (3x4), 4 Butterfly Closures, 3 Sterile Gauze Pads (3x3), 3 Sterile Gauze Pads (2x2), 3 Plastic Bandages (2x4-1/2), 3 Flexicon Gauze (2x5 Yds.), 3 ABD Pads (5x9), 3 Pill Vials, 2 Vinyl Synthetic Gloves, 2 Moleskin Strips (1x3), 2 Razor Blades (Non-Sterile), 2 Adhesive Tape (1/2x10 Yds), 2 Triangular Bandages, 2 Cotton Wadding (3x4 Yds), 2 Ace Bandages 3, 1 Zip Lock Bag (3x5), 1 Splinter Forceps, 1 First Aid Guide, 1 Nylon Pouch.